Vitae 2024: the 2024 wine guide


Listone Giordano Arena has been chosen by the Italian Sommelier Association to present ‘Vitae 2024’, the guide that has been describing the Peninsula’s most precious wine treasures for many years. A guide with great numbers: 900 tasters, 2,354 selected wineries (rising to 2,700 in the Vitae App, available on Google Play and Apple Store) and over 12,000 wines reviewed (15,000 on the App). Hundreds of AIS wine tasters participate in the drafting of Vitae. They know their region and every single quality wine production in depth, from the most representative winery to the smallest cellar in the area.

Participants included Ais President Sandro Camilli and AIS National Representative Nicola Bonera. During the initiative, the 22 regional AIS Tastevin were presented, the award that the Italian Sommelier Association confers to those who have contributed to a productive turnaround in their territory of origin, to those who represent a reference model of undisputed value in their respective area, and to those who have brought forgotten grape varieties back into the spotlight. The AIS is the largest association of wine enthusiasts and professionals in the world: more than 45,000 members and 2,000 events each year distributed in 146 delegations throughout the country.