Spirito Pietra

Vaselli cultivates its bond with Stone through generations in Rapolano, cradle of the Tuscan travertine. A bond that puts the matter at the center of everything, since the stone has an absolute value and requires just to be shaped into elements to enhance its purity. Vaselli so translates its spirito pietra into a tailor-made work, made from scratch in its laboratory, in the name of respect for the material and for the project.

Spirito Pietra means putting matter at the centre of everything,” explains Danilo Vaselli “for us stone has an absolute value, therefore requires no excessive sophistication, but just to be translated into elements which are able to enhance its purity. Moreover, the use of a finite resource such as stone calls for it to be used sustainably, specifically for items which do not follow the trends of the time or merely stand for luxury, but are made for those who make an effort to understand natural materials; these are craft products destined to last, to be left to future generations, producing an unrepeatable synthesis of aesthetics, functionality and emotions which translates into timeless creations.

Danilo Vaselli