From matter to surface

Research, experimentation, craftsmanship and creative freedom are the ingredients that have made HDsurface a true benchmark in the market in the creation of continuous solution coatings for interiors and exteriors.


A project born from the desire to propose solutions for contemporary living, traveling roads not yet beaten and giving rise to a range of material surfaces, different from each other in terms of aesthetics and performance but all distinguished by a pure and environmentally friendly recipe based on water, earths and pigments.

Within its laboratories, HDsurface carries on a relentless product research activity that aims, on the one hand, to test and improve its performance more and more and, on the other hand, to devise new aesthetic proposals that can interpret the philosophies of living.

Materials, textures and colors dialogue dictating the movement of spaces, designing atmospheres and dressing surfaces with a unique, vibrant and expressive personality.

CementWabi | Wall, Private Residence

Creating emotions through the essence of matter, giving an identity to spaces, telling new philosophies of living. A true mission that HDsurface has been pursuing for years through an alchemy of infinite potential, aiming to create an authentic and living dialogue between man and space.


Argille is a naturally textured product. A spatulate coating that is pleasant to the touch, applied in two coats, it is created by mixing natural elements. It is easily spread on vertical surfaces, transforming man’s gesture into decoration. A breathable material, clay is a natural regulator of the temperature and humidity of the environments in which it is applied. The intrinsic performance of the product is thus combined with HDsurface’s mastery in creating surfaces with vibrant textural nuances.

Argille | Wall, Showroom in Como