Natural Genius

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Listone Giordano?

Listone Giordano is a brand that has its roots firmly planted in the soil of tradition. With a long business history behind it, that of the Margaritelli family, which through three centuries and four different generations has linked its activity to a material such as wood.

Natural Genius | Medoc – design: Michele De Lucchi

Integrated chain.

Listone Giordano has learnt in Burgundy the secrets of a silviculture with a millenary tradition. Each tree is surveyed, cultivated, cut once it has reached maturity, and then systematically reforested. All in accordance with ancient standards. Do you know where it comes from? We do.


It was 1984 when Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional hardwood flooring and inaugurated a new era.

Prof. Gugliemo Giordano
Patent Listone Giordano | 1984

Wood therapy.

Health is a non-negotiable value. No solvents, no formaldehyde, no preservatives, no radiation, no bacteria. This is our promise. Choosing a Listone Giordano wooden floor means choosing naturalness and well-being and seeing this promise respected. It means being able to walk barefoot in the park at home in complete tranquillity.

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Natural Genius

Can wooden flooring be reinvented? Yes, now it can! Listone Giordano’s Natural Genius consecrates parquet to the world of contemporary design, redefining the aesthetic rules of classic wooden boards and common laying patterns. It does so thanks to the flair and far-reaching approach of top international and Italian designers, such as Michele De Lucchi, Patricia Urquiola, Daniele Lago, Marc Sadler and Paola Lenti.. Natural Genius includes collections that add an ultramodern touch to wood surfaces. 

and memory.

Listone Giordano’s Atelier is a collection with an eye to the future that draws from the values of Italy’s craftsmanship and the culture of wood. The particular grain of Oakwood is combined with specific hand-crafted treatments that turn the surface of each wooden board into a unique piece. Atelier wooden flooring tells an old and personal story made of passion, art and respect for nature through its certified raw materials. 

and modernity

The signature Listone Giordano collection that keeps radiating its light on oak, the king of wood. A modern, elegant, yet essential hardwood flooring collection that exudes Listone Giordano’s proverbial quality and beauty. Classica stands out for its wide range of wood, sizes, selections, colours, finishes and laying patterns. With Classica, you can unleash your imagination, thanks to its customised configurations. Here you can find the solution that best suits your needs and taste.

and design

Listone Giordano’s products stand out for their innovation and excellence, which are fully expressed in the new outdoor versions. All the wood species featured in the Listone Giordano Outdoor collections are perfectly suitable for outdoor use thanks to their high resistance to mechanical stress and high content of natural extractors that provide extra stability and durability.