Light for architecture

Simes was born in the heart of Franciacorta, a land famous for its excellent wines but also the strategic pole of a district strongly specialised in die-casting and metalworking.  Knowledge in the handling of aluminium, combined with the experience acquired since its foundation in the field of electrical waterproof material, has propelled the company towards success in the outdoor lighting market.   

Simes is a living, evolving company, constantly committed to the goal of creating emotion with light. For over fifty years, the intuition in intercepting the needs and desires of designers, the commitment to producing elegant and reliable lamps, the desire to make open spaces pleasantly usable, and the desire to add a fourth dimension to architecture have remained constant. Even before lighting fixtures, SIMES produces light for the landscape, private homes, industry and urban spaces.

For Simes, light is an elegant and discreet form of writing that can change the appearance and perception of space. This is why we design lamps that are precise instruments at the service of architecture and whose design, rigorous and essential, blends into the context to give light the leading role. Minimal forms, attention to detail, visual comfort and quality of light are essential constants of all the collections, many of which have won important awards on the international design scene.

Light where it is needed and when it is needed, to illuminate, to blend in and disappear into the architecture, and thus to excite over time”.

LOOK WOOD design Matteo Thun
KEEN design Klaus Bagasse

The concept of quality is an absolute priority and translates into 100% Made in Italy production and a strategic asset in each company department: in the working environments, in the services offered to the customer, in the design and aesthetic choices and in the experience offered to guests and visitors. The company headquarters is the most tangible example of this: in addition to representing the main meeting and comparison place between the company and the world of design, it is a true open-air showroom where the relationship between art, light and matter finds full expression. 

Innovation is another core value of the company’s philosophy. Continuous research, fuelled by advances in technology and intelligent insights aligned to the designer’s needs, has led the Company to important milestones. IP System represents one of the solutions that has expanded the expressive potential of architectural lighting, paving the way for the first generation of plug-in linear lighting systems for outdoor use.

Simes exports to more than 60 Countries and places its creativity and experience at the service of a sophisticated customers, increasingly attentive to a culture of light oriented towards daily well-being. The countless projects realised in Italy and around the world have made it possible to reveal the beauty of prestigious architectures and to make gardens, parks, urban spaces, paths and outdoor living spaces usable and habitable.