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Paghera confirms itself as the leading company in Europe in the field of landscape design and realisation, prestigious villas and large tourist resorts. Each intervention is conceived as unique, original, ‘made-to-measure’, just like a tailor-made suit.

Botanical knowledge, reason and feeling – these are the qualities that guide us in the design and realisation of our most beautiful gardens, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most complex.

The philosophy behind our work has always driven us to consider even a small garden a piece of the ecosystem in which we live, as well as a private paradise in which to enjoy moments of absolute relaxation.

Environmental protection has been the inspiring principle of Paghera’s activity since the very beginning, well before the ecological and environmental emergency became a pressing issue.

Specialising in preventive and conservation work to guarantee a future for the planet and the quality of our lifestyle and that of future generations.

In landscape design, every detail is carefully taken care of by our craftsmen, engineers, technicians and builders: from the careful design of functional details to the furnishing and maintenance of the garden, from the use of local materials to the use of innovative technology to build sustainable gardens that respect the environment, from the choice of plants and their ideal location within the green space. Wide open spaces, rich vegetation where all the shades of green meet, brightly coloured flowers and sumptuous trees, elements that together highlight the natural beauty of places: the garden is often the central point of a property and the design must reflect the needs of our Clients. A green jewel in every property, the garden designed by Paghera is destined to be enjoyed and exploited all year round, a place destined for relaxation that becomes an oasis where one can enjoy moments of relaxation in company.

Hotel Verona
Eco – serial architecture

As well as a great teacher and inexhaustible source of scientific discoveries, nature represents a unique model of sustainability where nothing is useless and everything is perfectly optimised. The perfect inspiration for the architecture of the future called upon to address three main challenges:

* reducing the environmental impact of buildings and their inhabitants to near-zero values

* minimising the aesthetic impact, safeguarding the landscape values of the places in which it is inserted

* reducing that existential discomfort caused to man, also and above all, by the deprivation of direct contact with nature

It is in this logic that we have inspired the designs of a future that is already present, both in the camouflage technique used in nature by many species and in the design inspired by seeds and shells.

This gives rise to buildings with fascinating shapes, concealed by curtains of greenery and blooms, which are born and thrive directly within the architectural and construction elements.

No longer skyscrapers, therefore, but vertical gardens, whose completely green surfaces raise the air quality and lower the high outdoor temperatures in summer. Single dwellings or entire urbanisations made invisible at first glance, which instead captures a splendid garden or a magnificent beach inhabited by large rocks shaped and polished by the sea. Housing structures incorporated and camouflaged in the scene, designed to minimise environmental impact and offer residents privacy, security and the comfort of the most advanced and modern technology.