Manifesto dell’Abitare Edizione 2024 kick-off


Manifesto dell’Abitare Edizione 2024 kick-off

After just over a year, the new issue of The Manifesto of Living is presented to the entire community at the Listone Giordano Arena. The 2024 schedule, with the Manifesto’s appointments and the events at which we will be present with partnerships and special projects.

It was an opportunity to present not only the new studios and partners that will accompany us over the next year, but also the leitmotif of 2024, water, as a common thread for the conversations and projects that will be presented by the Think Tank.

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manifesto dell'abitare
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The Manifesto dell’Abitare is marked by indisciplinarity: the principle that a true overview cannot be achieved with the contribution of only one area of experience. That is why none of the founders is a technician in the sector and why that first ideal and atypical ‘rendering in words’ owes so much to history, literature, psychology and sociology. Curious and fascinated by innovation and the future, we want to measure living not only in square metres, but in the quality of relationships, starting from the walls of the home and ending with the discovery of the neighbourhood.

Filippo Taidelli – Studio FTA

What would be lost if the kitchen, or the living room, were to disappear in a dwelling? Not only a practical function. In the dialogue between Strategy Innovation and businesses, professionals and academics, the relational and symbolic values that each room is capable of generating and cultivating emerged, even more so if in relation to other spaces.
This is why you can read a single room, like a single verse, or the complete Manifesto, like a song: as long as each one defines its proper di-stance.