Neuro Nature – Fuorisalone 2023


Neuro Nature – Fuorisalone 2023

Within Arena, therefore, an embryo – evocative and symbolic – of a mini PRIMORDIAL FOREST comes to life, from which to draw inspiration for contemporary green projects to be realised indoors and outdoors, not only in residential settings, but also in workplaces and communal areas, with the aim of generating a better quality of life, synonymous today with health and psychophysical well-being.

In the year of Euroluce, Neuro Nature converts artificial lighting into an element of nature, a sensory tool to fully enjoy this experience. Thanks to the collaboration of top brands such as Panzeri and Simes, every corner of Arena is transformed into a nocturnal forest, a lunar landscape where every plant is illuminated with a very specific objective: to stimulate and protect the senses with comfortable light.

Neuro Nature

In the evocative setting of Listone Giordano Arena – a cultural hub that has established itself on the Milanese stage in terms of design culture – Neuro Nature will be staged. From 5 April, until the end of Milan Design Week, the space will thus be transformed into an indoor primary forest – retracing the first major stages in the evolution of terrestrial plants: from the development of bryophytes and pteridophytes with the presence of mosses, ferns and horsetails – offering visitors and enthusiasts a regenerating experience in direct contact with the plant kingdom.

NEURO – NATURE carries the meaning related to the nervous system, its interactions and emotions. Nature embraces the total system of living beings, animals and plants, and inanimate things, which present an order, realise types and are formed according to laws. Hence the very will to order that manifests itself in those laws, as a living and operating principle, the generating force of all things.

The concept

The hypothesis that guided the entire design, which was also the result of an initial conceptual core expressed by arch. Nicola Gallizia, was fully developed by the work team led by Bcpt Associati (who also took care of the integrated graphic design) in collaboration with Paghera and the Arena partners. A stay of about 15 minutes inside the path designed and implemented by Paghera – an expert in high-end green design – is the test area to verify whether cohabitation with plants, in an atmosphere of harmony between light and shadows, sounds and silence can bring significant measurable benefits on a physiological, cognitive and emotional level.